Video and conferencing


Cooperation within a team disregarding the geographic location of the respective participants is a trend of modern communication enabling an efficient utilisation of human resources across your company without increasing costs.

The AVAYA solution offered by us enables conference calls by connecting modern IP systems users, as well as those using older telephone devices. All of this is in real time and for a fraction of the travelling expenses or costs that would be expended for rental fees or operation of external conference solutions.

As an integrated part of AVAYA systems, conferences bring many other advantages in addition to cost savings, especially in the field of unified administration and support. AVAYA conferences also provide the comfort and advantages of a web portal offering numerous useful tools for the scheduling, management and moderation of the respective meetings.

Several conference modes are available: from the presentation style, with the moderator presenting a solution or training lesson to the audience, to the option entailing the use of shared desktop, chat or voting features, or even application sharing by all the users. This solution makes it possible to use conferences as training or remote support tools. As the presentation should resemble standard negotiations as much as possible, it is possible for the users to use USB or integrated web cameras.

It should also be noted that all the events during the conference can be recorded for future use or presentation.

Large corporations or corporations with critical operations may also use the blast dial method to keep members of the task force informed. Department heads or IT staff members are likely to appreciate the option to generate detailed logs pertaining to the conferences held, as well as related costs. 

The entire system also allows for integration with other manufacturers' products or incorporation in the existing domain structure. Uniform user logins may be used to facilitate their administration by the IT staff, as well as to simplify cost reporting by department heads.

Major advantages:

  • Harnessing the power of virtual teams
  • Possibility to book virtual conference rooms
  • Possibility to record conferences
  • Using conference records e.g. for training purposes
  • Detailed cost reporting
  • Web environment for easy cooperation
  • High level of security
  • Possibility of integration with corporate LDAP
  • Support of modern H.323 and SIP protocols

Video conferences

In today's fast-paced world, fast communication and immediate decisions are necessary. Personal contact is the most efficient communication method - as luck would have it, today's modern technologies make it possible to give another dimension to that classical form. Video conferences represent a revolutionary and highly effective tool. 

The solutions offered by us enable not only user-to-user communication, but also communication among several users or groups, all of that in real time and for a fraction of the travelling costs which would otherwise have to be spent for the meeting. Every meeting of the heads of the respective departments all over Europe may take place in your office or even your home.

The most up-to-date video conference devices have a form of touch-screen tablets with numerous additional features.

The individual conferences can be held easily by connecting users from your contacts; other users may be added to video conferences. Video conferences which are in progress can be divided into several virtual rooms. It is possible to make personal calls with selected users without being seen and heard by other users.

Today's video conference devices are so intuitive and user-friendly that they can be used at any time. The times when IT staff were required to prepare a video conference were gone long ago.

The latest generation of video conference devices are becoming the central point of all communication in your office; the perfect and large screen can also be used to answer your e-mails, read your favourite newspapers or communicate with friends and business partners through the increasingly popular social networks. Obviously, the features known from voice conferences, e.g. desktop sharing, meetings scheduling, voting or chat, are also available here.

Our offer obviously includes devices intended for conference rooms of all sizes.


  • end devices for offices, as well as conference rooms
  • new generation of touch-screen devices
  • representative looks
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