Unified Communication

Algotech offers a wide portfolio of Unified Communication (UC) products improving the accessibility of employees. The offer includes common means of communication as e.g. desk telephones, as well as advanced applications supporting multimedia channels, including possible integration with other corporate systems. The corporate communication solution may include the use of a single number for all the solutions implemented.

The Algotech portfolio includes:

  • desk telephones for office workers – wide range of types with various features,
  • desk telephones with VPN firmware for home office work – using this telephone, a person can communicate as if he or she was sitting at desk in the office,
  • software IP telephones to be installed in users' PCs – they can be used as common IP telephones, taking advantage of client applications, e.g. integration with an e-mail client, corporate CRM system etc.,
  • extension To Cellular functionality – directing incoming calls to the user's cellular phone – the number of the desk telephone is displayed to the person calling,
  • voice mail systems – leaving a voice message in the mailbox of the called user – the system may be used as a standard recorder, or the voice messages may be retrieved as e-mails,
  • conference systems – for holding ad hoc or planned conferences,
  • thin or thick client applications supporting communication in the form of voice calls, as well as video calls, with an instant messaging option and conference support,
  • system with a web-based client with software telephone features – corporate services are available to employees from any computer connected to the Internet without any installation requirements; this applies not only to calls, but also corporate directories, call logs, calls to/from the user's telephones,
  • integration of telecommunications systems with other communication systems of the company at the level of contacts or the Click-To-Dial functionality – integration with MS Exchange, integration with the corporate CRM, integration with LDAP etc.,
  • functionality of presence in implemented solutions – the calling party obtains the information on the called party's availability and multimedia contact preference; this applies across several solutions, i.e. aggregated presence from multiple sources (desk telephone, cellular/wireless telephone, corporate application, social networks) is supported.


  • Improvement of employees' accessibility
  • Possibility to present an employee with a single contact applicable to both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Improvement of employee productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Improvement of employee mobility without losing communication comfort or availability for others
  • Aggregated presence from several communication sources with optional user settings
  • Availability of call logs across several communication means of a user
  • Availability of corporate directories from anywhere
  • Possibility to leave voice messages, send faxes
  • Possibility to hold as hoc conferences
  • Possibility to hold planned conferences
  • Possible integration of the above-listed functions with standard office software tools, as well as customised corporate applications 
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