Predictive Dialing solutions

The mechanism for the initiation of outgoing calls is a key mechanism for outbound call centres. In addition to manual dialling by the operator, various automated dialler systems can be engaged, from simply offering a number from the database to the automated dialling and connection of the called person with the operator after successfully establishing the connection. In such systems, classifications of pickups are also applied to detect whether the call was picked up by a live person, fax or whether the phone just rang. A common practice is that the campaign system automatically dials the calls from the predefined telephone list and assigns them to the operators.

Nevertheless, even the outgoing calls make use of automated mechanisms without the need for the operator, such as in playing prepared voice announcements or involving the Text-To-Speech module for personalised communications. They are used in extensive marketing campaigns and also for common individual notices of the situations relating to the particular customer.

However, the outbound campaigns are not limited only to the area of voice services. Also the text campaigns via e-mail or SMS channels are very common. Multichannel support of the campaign system ensures consistent behaviour towards customers.

The systems offered have a wide range of functions available, including the utilisation of CRM analytical capabilities for a better overview of the marketing operations and their understanding. The system provides the call centre operator with options for using questionnaires, viewing contacts of the business partners so as to prepare the call using the contact history, without having to open the CRM or rescheduling the contact time with the customer. Supervisors and managers of the contact centre have various options, from defining the scripts for operators to complex definition of the strategies for customer contact.

Our offer:

  • Voice or multimedia campaign systems
  • Administration of the supplied tool to suit your needs
  • Support in creation of campaigns to suit your needs


  • Maximum efficiency of an agent's time utilisation – the call is routed to the agent only when the call is successfully connected; eliminated phase of selecting the telephone number, dialling, and waiting for call answering
  • The possibility of complete automation of campaigns without an agent – some campaigns may be led without connecting the customer with the contact centre agent – outbound campaigns with pre-notifications, etc.
  • Effective leadership of agents – possibility to define the interactive dialogue trees of the campaign for each agent

Chosen products: APOM, APC, ACE, development, customization

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