Workforce Optimization

Call centre solutions supplied by Algotech promote the efficient utilisation of your workforce. The solutions promote the mobility of employees, whether these are job-sharing opportunities in the workplace (so-called free seating), or work from home. The technologies, which the call/contact centre solution is built on, enable application of the principles of Unified Communications also in the sphere of call centre solutions and offers use of a single number (number of a call centre agent – employee) from any place. For the call centre, both hardware phones and VPN phones are available for use from home, together with software phones and agent applications.

Due to the constant pressure to increase the work efficiency and quality of provided services, the systems for planning the activities of not only the operators but also of the back-office staff become a normal part of the application software in the contact centre. The solution for WorkForce Management (WFM) provides not only significant time savings in the shift scheduling, but in particular an increase in the availability of the contact centre while using the working time fund more efficiently. The solution offered provides the possibility of scheduling the shifts on a priority basis across the channels served in the contact centre. The solution includes a simulator as a standard. It allows scheduling the shifts according to the preferences for the voice or multimedia channels. WorkForce Management support for effective planning and management of occupancy of the call/contact centre is an obvious optional add-on to the system reporting tools.

Our offer:

  • A wide range of products to promote the employees' mobility: desktop phones, VPN phones, software phones, applications
  • Tools for WFM


  • Higher efficiency of the agents' time and skill utilisation
  • Automated scheduling of shifts based on the utilisation statistics of the call/contact centre
  • Management of the call centre operations corresponds with its projected workload
  • Cost savings for the operation of the call/contact centre
  • Possibility of working from anywhere (e.g. from home)

Chosen products: Verint Witness, Nice IEX

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