Call Recording

Call recording may be a mandatory part of call centre equipment due to legislative reasons, as it is necessary to record some kinds of interaction and store the recording for a specified time. However, even if call recording was not required by law, recording has become a standard feature of call centres because of it increasing the quality of the provided services. It is usually accompanied by analytical tools in which the recording is further processed – for example, it is possible to check for whether the greeting and addressing of the customer at the beginning of the conversation were not incorrect, detect the occurrence of certain words during a call, or analyse the call progress (detection of emotions, interposing, etc.). Call recording can be supplemented by recording the operator's PC screen.

Call (or screen) recording is subject to the recording rules that define the conditions under which a call should be recorded on the monitoring equipment. Recordings are stored locally on the recording component, but they can also be manually saved to other media, or the system can be enriched with an archiving functionality and thus meet the time requirements for keeping the recordings. Recordings can be encrypted for safety reasons.

Aside from the physical call recording, the solution is usually equipped with interfaces for CTI integration with the telecommunications system. This integration enables to generate a list of entries for recorded calls. Each item in the list contains the information about date, time, recording duration, call type (inbound, outbound, conference), signalling (caller, called number), etc. Such lists stored in the database are used as parameters to search for calls via the user interface. Another benefit of the CTI integration is the availability of additional information within the recording device, such as real-time monitoring of agents' status (log on/off, identification of agents). All users (especially for call centre supervisors) welcome facilitation of their work by the possibility to define filters for all items in the list of recordings.

An optional functionality Quality Management provides comprehensive tools for managing the call centre service quality. It includes tools for assessing the on-going call (e.g. analysis of emotions, dialogue management, ...), agent job evaluation, tools for providing feedback directly by the calling customer, or agent training (coaching). These advanced system functions aim to maximise the effectiveness of processes taking place across the company and fully exploit its potential. The functionality extended by the area of advanced tools offers a set of interconnected and interoperable applications to measure the performance of the contact centre and maximise the potential hidden in the entire company. The deployment of such a comprehensive tool requires a deeper understanding of the existing processes, not only in the contact centre but also in the company itself.

Our offer:

  • Implementation of the system with suitable recording equipment, from design to implementation
  • Administration of recording rules
  • Addition of extra advanced tools
  • Integration of recording systems with customer systems (DB, CRM)


  • Ensuring and improving the quality of call centre work
  • Preservation of recordings pursuant to law
  • Possible encryption of recordings
  • Possible efficient training of agents

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