Contact centre solutions

A call centre is an organisational unit or a separate unit providing services within outsourcing. It is established for the purpose of handling a large number of telephone calls. It is a means to ensure customer satisfaction, to reduce costs and/or to make a profit. Call centres are no longer restricted to large institutions only, but have become a common norm within companies trying to establish a highly satisfied customer base.

According to the focus of the company, call centres apply various approaches to the customer interaction: a common type is a call centre processing incoming calls, a so-called inbound call centre. However, a call centre does not have to play only a passive role in the customer communication; it can serve for direct customer address in a call centre with outbound calls, a so-called outbound call centre. Due to the effort to maximise efficiency and to maximise operator utilisation, the combination of outbound/inbound call centres is common.

With the increase in the use of other means of communication, the call centres that are focused only on a voice communication have become contact centres as a standard. They are able to receive or initiate customer interactions through multiple channels. Usually these are e-mails, SMS, instant messaging, and web solutions. In more advanced solutions, the contact centres are then able to communicate with their customers through social networks.

The next step of the development of customer care is represented by the so-called context centres. The calls (or other customer interaction) are seen as conferences rather than as simple point-to-point conversations. The result is a different way to handle the customer interactions. The customer is not routed to the specific services (call segmentation, self-service tools, waiting in line, talk with a live agent), but he/she is in the spotlight and seemingly surrounded by all of the possible resources and services, while the decision is yet to be made as to which of the services currently addresses the customer's need, and what information should be presented to him/her. The customer is then not switched to them, but the necessary resource or service (such as a voice notification, video, and a live agent) is added to the conference of the on-going call/interaction. The decision process makes use of the information known for each customer from his/her previous interactions or the history of the current transaction.

The Algotech Company’s portfolio has a wide range of products and tools for effective operation of a contact centre for all groups of customers, from small businesses to large multinational companies. Algotech cooperates with the leading world producers of telecommunication technologies to provide the highest quality telecommunication solutions. The standard products offered are extended also by the possibility of adjustments according to the specific customer needs, or developing their own tailor-made solutions.

Services offered:

  • Consulting and design
  • Consulting services and analytical services
  • Implementation of new telecommunication solutions of call/contact centres
  • Upgrades, extensions and modifications of existing solutions to increase the capacity and efficiency of contact centres
  • Development of backup systems and recovery centres to ensure high availability of the call centre services
  • Full services of the PSO dept. (Professional service dept.) and integration into the customers' IS
  • Developing applications for interactive voice response systems, administration of outbound/inbound campaigns, reporting, customised solutions to the customer
  • 24/7 support and maintenance of telecommunication solutions
  • Basic training and advanced training for working with the supplied solutions
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