Algotech offers a complete portfolio of services which can be combined with one another, enabling us to meet all customer demands. The comprehensiveness of the services supplied is our major advantage.

Thanks to our services, you will be able to make the most of your applications and systems crucial for the operation of your company. Thus you may reach the required strategic goals, retaining satisfied customers.

No matter if you opt for a specific combination of services or prefer a comprehensive turnkey solution, the advantages of our concept of services form a crucial factor of your projects' success – now and in the future. Cooperating with us in the field of technologies, you will obtain a guaranteed solution depending on your needs, as well as reserved guaranteed operating support.

Summary of services provided

Oracle Database

  • Installations, upgrades, migrations and settings of Oracle databases
  • Remote administration of Oracle databases
  • Monitoring of the correct operation of the database
  • Monitoring of the load balancer
  • DB logs check
  • Check of faulty objects
  • Check of space in tables and file management
  • Backup planning and backup restoration
  • Performance monitoring and tuning of the Oracle database
  • Database system architecture, design and implementation
  • Place and capacities planning
  •  PL/SQL scripting
  •  "Health check"
  • RAC

 Operation systems (Unix, Linux, Solaris, Microsoft)

  •  Installation, upgrades, migration
  •  Monitoring of updates and safety patches
  •  Performance analysis
  • Load tests
  • Monitoring of running services
  • Place and capacities planning
  • Logs check
  • Servers load control and load tests

Cluster solutions for application servers

  • Installation
  • Performance analysis
  • Tuning
  • Optimisation


  • Architecture design, implementation, administration and backup systems support
  • Backup and restoration plans maintenance (including backup scheduling)
  • Monitoring and maintenance in the 24/7/365 mode
  • Performance analysis, reporting
  • Process and documentation safeguarding: configuration database, incident management, problem management, change and capacity management
  • Backup servers configuration, backup clients installation
  • Restoration on demand
  • Knowledge maintenance and analysis of trends development in the field concerned
  • Check of adherence to services conditions according to SLA

Advantages of the services provided by us:

Transparent costs

Thanks to remote administration provided as an outsourced service, you do not have to concern yourself about how many hours your employees have spent at work, resolving various problems in the nighttime, during public holidays or at Christmas. You do not have to calculate overtime work and other statutory payments which have to be paid and recorded if you want to operate a 24/7 system and maintain permanent supervision over it.

 Fast and professional service

Thanks to our experience, the period of time needed to resolve your problems is significantly shorter. Thanks to that, you actually pay only for what you need, and you do not pay your employees for gaining such knowledge and trying to apply it on your operation systems. You obtain an immediate guaranteed solution of your problems, as well as a guarantee of professional care and safety.

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