The term DMS (Document Management System) denotes a comprehensive ensurance of documents circulation, storage and managed administration. The DMS makes it possible for the individual employees, as well as entire corporations to enhance the efficiency of documents administration. Documents management is one of the major pillars enabling smooth operation of any company. The aim of a DMS system is to provide immediate access to the right documents disregarding their location and format. It allows the fast retrieval of current documents, as well as for their security thanks to the exact definition of individual user access rights. The DMS system enables organised, well-arranged and efficient administration of all documents within an organisation.

The DMS system equips the company with a platform for storing non-structured content in various formats, from electronic documents, scanned documents, scanned images, graphic files and videos to e-mails. It must be ready to support the complete life cycle of information contained in documents, provide sufficient safeguarding of information against loss or misuse and, last but not least, facilitate or at least not complicate users' work within the scope of corporate processes.

The solution supplied by our company offers the following key functions for the administration of corporate contents:

  • Document Management
  • Features for the administration, versioning and safeguarding of documents, classification of documents into files, categorisation of documents, creation of links between related documents.
  • Web Content Management
  • Features serving for the creation, administration and publishing of contents on web pages.
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Features focusing on the administration and accessibility of multimedia documents as e.g. compression, indexing, video streaming, conversion of pictures.
  • Records Management
  • Feature serving for the administration of documents preserved on a long-term basis (archived documents) in an unchanged manner.
  • Integration with the corporate portal
  • Integration with the Microsoft SharePoint platform
  • Content monitoring and use
  • Categorisation
  • Content conversion and transformation
  • Integration with the document scanning solution

Advantages of our solution:

  • Fast search, easy-to-find and well-arranged documents
  • Sophisticated versioning system
  • Documents safeguarding thanks to the access rights settings
  • High-level workflow

Product: Oracle Universal Content Management

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