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The company is not only a partner of global IT giants, it also successfully develops its own top class products, mainly designed with an aim to add more customer required functions to the global giant's systems. At the same time, the company launches products that have been thus far completely missing on the ICT market. These product launches flexibly react to the market needs and bring high added value to our customers.   

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Aurora software for customer inquiry, claim and complaint management

Aurora enables management of customer inquiries and claims and improves customer care in service organizations. It is designed to manage the quality of issue resolution, communication with clients, standardizing service and communication activities in customer claims.

Aurora ensures you get the information needed from customers in the 1st call

Aurora ensures you get all the necessary data in the 1st interaction with the customer – resolving customer issues promptly and with only one call with increase customer satisfaction and loyal customer base and eventually to more repeat business.

Aurora enables a central repository of all customer queries to a service company

A central database of all inquiries, requests or complaints allows a comprehensive view on customer communication allowing better understanding and analysis of customer issues and trends. Requests, complaints and customer needs are accounted for through the web application, and can also be automatically generated based on the received e-mails, faxes as well as text messages.

Aurora will help you standardize and manage customer communications

Communication is especially important to customers who are reporting an issue. Aurora will help standardize your processes and communications using pre-defined templates, thus increasing their level of manageability and measurability, build an internal knowledge base, which leads to cost reduction with satisfied customers and employees.

Access Aurora from multiple types of organizational units through your private or public cloud

Adjusted for organizations which are active in solving various types of customer queries and requests - interaction with customers can be done through your private or hybrid cloud and multiple communication channels such as self-service Internet portal, IVR, contact centers.

Aurora helps you achieve regulatory reporting and compliance

Whether it is a consumer protection, banking regulation or airline regulation under EC 261/2004 directive – Aurora will ensure your processes and reporting meet the relevant regulations.


Custom CC Reporting

CCReporting is a reporting system developed by Algotech, based on our experience with contact centres, deep understanding of needs of agents, supervisors and management in big and complex systems which recognised importance of contact centres in customer relations.

CCReporting is developed on the top of a data warehousing solution which gathers information from all relevant systems and communication channels in a contact centre, analyse them and prepare for fast and simple reporting.

System provides both historical and real-time reporting on all relevant parameters. It contains a large number of reports, suited to all levels of management. Adding of new reports is easy and simple.



AlgoSYS is a software product of Algotech, monitoring the quality, availability and performance of voice services. The product is extremely user-friendly and, besides the graphical outputs of the monitoring itself, it provides the escalation of problems by means of sending an alert in the event of occurrence of a problem. The solution helps the customers to analyze the situation easily and respond promptly to the events occurring and thus it saves time during problem solving, as well as costs.

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Voucher Registration Book

Voucher Registration Book (VRB) is an add on application of the JD Edwards System, developed by Algotech. VRB will enable every company using the system to control supplier vouchers by means of their exact registration, and will ensure simple passage of vouchers through the company, including the approval process.

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