Given the current dynamic business environment, companies need timely and exact information to make important decisions and respond promptly to market changes, competitors and customers' needs. Market conditions make companies focus their attention to customers in particular. CRM – Customer Relations Management is a tool which can be used successfully. With a certain simplification, the CRM may be defined as a thought-out and automated method of work with customers making it possible to increase the probability of identification, acquisition and retention of customers. 

The CRM is based on collecting important, as well as seemingly less important information on customers, and using it for further work with the customers. The utilisation and analysis of such information makes it possible to realise, understand and anticipate the needs, wishes and shopping behaviour of customers and the persons responsible for orders. The probability of customer satisfaction, as well as the success rate of business are growing.

CRM solutions contribute to improving the general view of communication with customers across the entire organisation, bringing financial savings, as well as benefits consisting in improved customer loyalty.

Our solution offer will enable:

  • Access to the necessary information to all employees from any place at any time
  • Collection of data regarding customers, history of mutual transactions, history and specific character of demands, satisfaction or dissatisfaction
  • Assignment planning in relation to orders
  • Tracking trader efficiency (time and costs expended for the conclusion of a new order)
  • Opportunity monitoring
  • Monitoring of actual customers' needs
  • Administration of loyalty programmes
  • Administration of marketing campaigns
  • Integration with Information Systems.
  • Provision of service to customers after termination

Advantages of our solution:

  • Comprehensive best practices CRM solution covering your organisation in full.
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Integrations prepared in advance – coordination of business processes, business rules and decision-making support.
  • High flexibility makes it possible to adapt the CRM to your concrete requirements.
  • Shortening the sales cycle and increasing the efficiency of sales representatives' work.
  • Comprehensive CRM system – best practices in the field of customer satisfaction and loyalty improvement.
  • Intuitive search and access to information needed for decision-making.
  •  Improvement of the efficiency of work of the customer support staff through the mediation of process automation and optimisation.
  • Integrated sales activities analysis tools.
  • Single data storage avoiding duplicities of information in the system.
  • Comprehensive source of customer-related data improving the decision-making process.
  •  Web access to the system.

 Product: Oracle Siebel CRM

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