Interactive Voice Response

The area of automated clearance of requests without having to contact the operator is a special aspect of call centres. Automated systems can – typically in the case of recurring requests that do not need an intervention of the operator – greatly accelerate the resolution while significantly reducing costs.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a self-service voice system that allows the use of a sophisticated voice technology and increased automation in the customer service area. With the support for integration of enterprise applications and Web applications, it enables rapid development of services, reduces overall costs, and improves the return on investment.

IVR is a system for creating interactive menus, through which users can communicate with a computer system using a telephone keypad, or control it by voice. The caller first hears a part of the menu options, then responds, and the next menu item follows. He/she responds to it and continues until he/she receives the requested information. The Interactive Voice System allows leaving voice messages, provides information on the basis of set parameters, provides the possibility of organising multilateral conferences, and more. Depending on the client's requirements, the voice system enables to identify the caller by the number, according to the entered PIN or another identifier stored in the CRM. The system is able to provide information such as an invoice amount, summary of receivables, account status, etc. to the identified callers.

An automated customer satisfaction survey is an added value of the voice system. The aim is to effectively detect the level of customer satisfaction with the offered products and services, participation in surveys, etc. Satisfaction surveys are carried out after ending the call with the operator or directly in the IVR.

However, the IVR is just an example of the so-called self-service solution for automated handling of customer interactions. The emergence of contact centres extended the use of automated tools to other communication channels as well, where the automated processing of incoming and outgoing e-mails or SMS messages is commonly offered in addition of voice. At present, self-service tools are used in the call and contact centres e.g. to provide information on the account balance over the phone, but it is also possible e.g. to enter into contracts through self-service. With the support for integration of Web applications, the information on this website can be used as a data source, just like in traditional web browsing. The collected data are used both for the routing logic as well as in the highly sophisticated voice-controlled viewing of portals.

Our offer:

  • Design and delivery of an appropriate self-service tool for handling the voice, e-mail, or SMS channel
  • Development of IVR voice applications
  • Integration of Web and enterprise applications
  • Development of connectors for integrating the self-service with third-party systems (typically CRM, customer databases)


  • Higher satisfaction of your customers
  • Maximum efficiency in the processing of customer interaction – faster service, routing based on the information provided
  • Possibility of full automation of certain operations – entirely without the need to connect with an agent
  • Maximum time savings for agents
  • Lower costs on the call/contact centre operation
  • Higher ROI
  • Solutions based on standards

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