Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence systems complement ERP systems efficiently, the goal being to provide managers (in particular) with the information important for decision-making retrieved from various information systems of the company easily and promptly. They use data sources of the given company, integrate them and evaluate information and data from these data sources.

Today, the problem does not lie in acquiring information itself, but in having the data displayed in a manner enabling its easy evaluation. Our Business Intelligence systems will enable you to obtain information arranged in a clear, legible and attractive manner, taking account of their mutual relations, trends and viewpoints depending on the users' needs. As a matter of course, the data may be compared with standard KPIs, and evaluation parameters may be created from set formulas.

Advantages of our solution:

  • Open solution built on standard technologies.
  • Perfect graphic representation of reports, easy creation of reports.
  • Easy intuitive control including the creation and modification of enquiries over data, user-friendly solution.
  • Platform independence (mobile devices access enabled).
  • Easy integration into other applications.
  • Easy use without any further requirements for IT support of users.
  • The fastest Oracle database included in the price of the solution.
  • Fast return of invested means.
  • Shielding of end users from complex data models and SQL commands.
  • Interconnection with office applications MS Office and Open Office.
  • Information security as a matter of course.

Product: Oracle Business Intelligence

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