Computer Telephony Integration

The term CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) indicates the convergence of the telephone and computer technologies to ensure the flow of information over telephone and data networks. CTI, for example, allows the customer service representative to see the information of the calling customer on his/her computer screen, provided that the customer enters his/her identification number upon connection of the call. With CTI, the operator can also dial the customer's number by a single mouse-click.

In general terms, the area of CTI involves all the extras in the call centre equipment beyond the basic functionality provided by a standard telephone switchboard, such as automated voice systems, call centre calls recording systems, integration of multimedia channels and their unified handling together with calls, etc.

CTI for call/contact centres is not only important in call processing and routing, but also in making the agent's work more effective, by involving additional (external) sources of information and business applications. After integration with the corporate CRM system or customer database, the agent is then presented with a window with the correct data to the current caller, and thus he/she can immediately address the customer's requirements with the knowledge of necessary details. In the case of repeated calls by one customer, it is possible to watch the progress of the resolution of his/her requests (history of interactions), although he/she might have been previously served by another operator.

The area of integration of telecommunications systems and other enterprise systems and databases is very broad and any specific applications are tailored to the customer. The support for creation of CTI applications related to the delivered telecommunication solutions is brought by products based on standards, open interfaces, and available connectors to the most popular CRM systems.

 Our offer:

  • Supply of a wide range of products to support the operation of call/contact centres
  • Supply of standard connectors for supplied products
  • Development of connectors and integration work to the specific client's systems
  • Development of tailor-made applications


  • Increasing the efficiency of the agent – agents' desktop allows simultaneous processing of multiple agents, a pop-up functionality at the right time displays all necessary information about the customer upon inbound interaction
  • Increased efficiency of the operation and management of call/contact centres
  • Solutions based on standards

Chosen products:  AES, ACI, CCE, ACE, standard conectors, development

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