E-learning (electronic learning) is an educational process which takes advantage of the potential of modern information and communication technologies (this applies primarily to their multimedia elements as e.g. presentations and hypertexts, animated sequences, videos, shared desktops, tests, self-tests, electronic processes models etc.) for the preparation of courses, distribution of learning contents and communication between students and lecturers, either separately or within the framework of learning management systems. E-learning has gained an irreplaceable position in all forms of education, particularly as regards the current trend of a fast-evolving society and the need for continuous education. Its advantages are obvious: time-independent study, self-paced learning, immediate check of the knowledge gained and significant financial savings.

Advantages of our solution:

  •  Outsourcing enabled.
  •  Flexible integration with current HR, ERP and CRM systems.
  • Content adaptation to intuitive and attractive education.
  • Support of test standards used: AICC, IMS and SCORM.
  • Increased attractiveness of learning by means of using audiovisual means.
  • Flexible content administration enabling repeated use of the content.
  • Flexible and fast course development according to education requirements.
  • Web interface.
  • Self-registration.
  • Searching within the courses catalogue.
  • Registration on the basis of approval.
  • Personal education calendars.
  • Administration of resources (e.g. lecture rooms and lecturers) and resolving resource conflicts.
  • Evaluation, analyses, detailed records of students and lecturers.
  • Workflow reporting and standard-based education.

 Product: ORACLE iLearning

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