AlgoCloud is a unique and comprehensive summary of technologies and services, that allows to use top ICT tools without large entry investments. It is suitable for every companytype, from state administration to commercial company. It will fully satisfy your high demands on flexibility and safety of the services.

The advantages of AlgoCloud:

The general advantages of cloud services are obvious: no huge initial investment, total cost savings, platform independence, capacity and performance sharing according to the need, up-to-date principle, centralization and quality of infrastructure, safety, payments only for used services etc. It is suitable for all company types, state administration and also for individuals. It will fully satisfy your high demands on flexibility and safety of the services.

In addition, AlgoCloud offers you many other advantages:

  • A unique combination of the services and unlimited possibilities of their combinations
  • Well-arranged selfservice for configuration of the services
  • Advantageous pricing
  • A high level of security comparable to the PCI DSS
  • A technical level comparable to the Tier III classification
  • A full portfolio of the cloud services – SAAS, IAAS, PAAS, BPAAS
  • Supervisory centre in operation 24/7/365
  • A geographical hardware redundancy for a higher services security
  • A possibility of server housing

Maximum safety guarantee

Physical security – building security against penetration of strangers:

  • Protection by security agency
  • Entry only with entrance card and PIN
  • Internal CCTV with event log

Infrastructural systems security against attack from the Internet:

  • Protection by the latest security devices and standards
  • Several DMZ were created
  • High standards for users accesses (name, password, PIN, …)

Infrastructural security against internal attacks:

  • Entire separation of customers data
  • A possibility to dedicate system only for individual customer
  • User rights are regulary entitled to avoid unauthorized access
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